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InsPIEration - Blackberry Mojitos

I attended a wonderful networking event with the Real Housewives of Richmond this week. Before mixing in with the ladies, I bellied up to the bar with the full intention of ordering a glass of wine. I was quickly distracted by a jar of blackberries in front of me..

"What are those for?" I asked.

"Blackberry mojito," the bartender replied.

"Can I change my order?"

I watched the bartender closely and began to daydream about pies... and how a blackberry mojito pie might taste when he squirted some juice into the mixing cup and started to shake it.

"Is that lemon juice?"

"No lime juice." "Ahhh..."

SO, I need to make this pie. Do I...

  • Make a Key Lime pie and top it with blackberries, homemade whipped cream and a sprig of fresh lime?

  • Add blackberry juice and rum to the key lime pie recipe and mix fresh mint into the cookie crust?

  • Make a Key LIme pie and swirl in blackberry compote?

Uh. Oh. I just Googled "how to swirl a cheesecake..."

Stay tuned.

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